Clan Name: WindClan
Territory: Moor
Prey: Rabbits, mice, thrushes, squirrels(rare)
Game Bonus: Speed
Leader: Proudstar
Deputy: Tanglefur
Medicine Cat/Apprentice: Spotridge,Lightheart

WindClan is a Clan that is can be unlocked for two bonus coins in the Bonus Shop.

Clan Info

The Clan's main prey of choice is rabbits. You can also find mice, thrushes, and squirrels in WindClan. Their territory is filled with open fields and sparse trees, with the exception of the dense forest surrounding the corners of the map. Their territory is also home to the Moonstone.

The player will have the choice of joining the Clan if it's been purchased from the shop. As a rogue, if your cat has purchased the Clan already, they can find the WindClan recruit cat, Swiftleap, one tile north of the entrance to WindClan's camp. The two WindClan guards are Breezefoot and Darky, named by the winners of an old forum contest.


  • If one wishes to get across the grass and into the sandy area near the camp, they can crouch with shift until they see prey on the other side. If they select the prey and let go of the shift key, they'll have jumped all the way and saved themselves a longer trip.
  • WindClan is the only clan that has a round den.
  • WindClan is the only clan that lets you sleep on sand/ground, in the open.

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