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This is an unofficial fan-made game for the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. On this game you can:
  • Play as ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan, or ShadowClan
  • Hunt mice, squirrels, rabbits, frogs, fish, and thrushes.
  • Help your clanmates out! Each clan has a queen, a deputy, and a medicine cat's apprentice that would gladly accept assistance.
  • An extensive map (100+ areas) covering almost the entire Forest Territory
  • Fight cats of other clans!
  • Become a mentor and have an apprentice!
  • A fully-operational day/night cycle system
  • Fall in love and get a mate!
  • Rogue/Loner mode!
  • Weather...And much more!
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Falcon Star

Falcon star (or known as Falcon_star, normally nicknamed, Falcon) is the programmer of Warrior Cats Untold Tales. Noting the lack of suitable Warriors games, he then deided to make his own with his three years of Programming experience. His inspriation and continuing best fan was his sister, who only shown her face at the Memorial Day Multiplayer Day. He once almost thought of quitting the game, with less than 100 plays when uploaded to yoyogames. However, Falcon continued on and made what is today, the Warrior Cats Untold Tales we know and love. Falcon created a forum thread many a time on the offcial warrior cats and seekers message boards. However, it was deleted and moved often, most notably to the Art Forum. He then made a weebly-hosted site, http://warriorcatsuntoldtales.weebly.com . He was then interviewed by Loveleaf, who had an unoffcial warriors newspaper. After a while, the idea came to make a wiki. Falcon star made the wiki, although for the offcial Message board's rules, we are not allowed to have outside links, so it was refered to as, "The Informational Guide that Anyone Can edit."


Monday, January 2nd, 2017: Let's Get This Running
My name is Dustyfur, and I'm looking for people to get this wiki running. Anyone that can help, please do.

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As you can see from the Community Header, fanfictions will be deleted. However, you can see we got a great new forum and you can easily add your FanFictions to our "Fan-made Entries".

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Okay, so I'm back, and I'm asking for all of your help. We shall rise as a great wiki! We just have to work at it!

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Good job everyone! We should all be proud of this! 130 pages!

Giant List That everyone is going to hate me for!
I have made a large list of what needs to be done. It can be found at: User Blog:Loveleaf/What Needs to Be Improved.

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Good job everyone! I'm so happy for this wiki to have 50 pages! Good job!

Let's Get this Wiki Started
Time for some super-rallying! We can do this guys! Don't be afraid to do anything, if I have a problem with it, I'll fix it and just warn you. However, no spam, and no breaking obvious rules!

June 16, Two New Blog Writes
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June 14, 2010 Chat to Come...sometime...
Chat has come to wiki! Well, at least, only slightly. It will come for testing in a probable half of a month. On this, not only can you have a live chat on any page...you can have a live chat! Visit [[1]] if you want to LIIVVEE *ahem* see what's going on with it.

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We have been founded! We hope to have a wonderful and flourishing...wiki...

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I know about 20% of you are already on a wiki, but one thing that you need (despretly) is a signature. A signature shows who you are,and gives links to your talk and userpages. Message me on MY talkpage and I cn make you one and teach you the fundamentals of a wiki.

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