Version 5
Date Released: Unknown as of now
Notable Differences: Able to bury items, new pelt colors, can now sleep and skip the night
Notable Bugs: Coming Soon!
Version 5 is one of the previous versions of Warrior Cats - Untold Tales.


Version 5 was released at an unknown time, following Version 4 of of Warrior Cats Untold Tales. Similar to other versions, Version 4 save files cannot be used in Version 5, as this would most likely cause compatibility issues when a save file is updated to a newer version.

- More pelts were added to the bonus shop, namely the mottled gray and the calico pelt.

- The player is now able to sleep to heal a little bit of health, and to skip the night.

- Now able to bury items / other things.

Possible bugs

This is possibly a bug:

- ShadowClan attacking one space outside the space left where the Thunderclan camp entrance is

Not sure...

A possible bug


You were not able to sleep in previous versions.

V5start fur

2 new pelt colors were added


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