Version 10
Date Released: Coming Soon!
Notable Differences: Coming Soon!
Notable Bugs: Cats didn't run away from incoming monsters.

Monsters would go on top of your HUD when they pass.

The "bury nothing" glitch started where the bury option would randomly show up and you would be able to bury nothing, making it looked like you buried something. You cannot pick up the "nothing" and it would stay there.

Version 10 is one of the previous versions of Warrior Cats - Untold Tales.


-New fur colors (the orange and silver tabby pelts)

-Monsters were added

-Thickets and Brambles were added

- Able to create Rogue clans was added
Cats dont run away from incoming monsters

The two fighting cats shown here did not run away from incoming monsters.


Monsters (cars) were added.

V10 new fur

New fur colors were added.


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