Version 1
Date Released: Coming Soon!
Notable Differences: There was no walking animation.

When you pressed shift, you walked slower than you would in later versions.

Notable Bugs: Getting kicked out at one reputation

Version 1 was the first version of WC:UT.


Version 1 was the first versions of the game.

You were not able to sleep, and you were unable to get a mate.

There were no Trainers.

Patrols spawned inside the camp.

Your cat had no gender.

There was no walking animation.

Even if you paused, you would still lose hunger and thirst as if you were unpaused.

The title screen is in cursive.

if you choose to become a kittypet, all you can do is wander around the outside of George's house.

You could wake up in StarClan, but the Gathering and Moonstone are not yet available.

The title screen for V1


The guards are different from how they are today


Items in your inventory did not have any way of telling how much you had of something


There were only four bonus fur colors and no eye color choices


The pause screen was drastically different from what it is now


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