Version 0
Date Released: Coming Soon!
Notable Differences: There was no clock, hunger, thirst, time, rain, night, enemies, or snow. When the player crouched, the player would turn invisible.
Notable Bugs: Coming Soon!

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Version 0 is a hidden version of Warrior Cats - Untold Tales.

It is also known as the mapping version, it was given to very few people, and one of them was DeathRose.


Version 0 had no prey, hunger, thirst, enemy cats, clock, rain, snow, or night, and if you pressed shift you turned completely invisible. DeathRose used this to take a screenshot of every tile and put the screenshots together to get a big scale of the entire map. DeathRose offered the picture of the entire map to Falconstar as a new map, but Falconstar refused, saying that it was "too detailed."


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