What Clan Located: All
Prey Close: Various
Dangers: Various Battles
Important Landmarks Burnt Sycamore, Great Sycamore, Owl Tree, and Fourtrees
Important Quests: Not Specific

Trees are in-game decorative objects that are in each territory.


Trees, no matter what kind, will drop moss onto the ground when clawed at constantly. The amount of hits it takes for a tree to drop moss is random. Moss can be used as a substitute for a real water source at any time given. It can also be used to attract rogues into rogue camps.


There are typically four types of trees, oak, dead oak, dead pine, and pine, and all four have differing sprites throughout the seasonal cycle.  For example, when the season is Newleaf, some of the trees have pink leaves that resemble cherry blossom-like leaves. Then in leaf-fall, some trees have red and gold leaves.

Different clans generally have different types of trees in their territory. ThunderClan and RiverClan normally have trees of the oak variety. There are also different special trees in ThunderClan territory, such as the Burnt Sycamore and the Great Sycamore, which also give moss when clawed at. ShadowClan has pine trees, while WindClan has few trees, but they are generally oak trees.

There are special trees spread around the land, too, such as the Owl Tree or the Great Sycamore Trees such as these have different sprites than other trees, and can be labeled on the map. Mostly these trees are used as landmarks, and sources of moss.

See Also


  • You can also get moss by clawing the signs, such as the one that takes you to Mothermouth.
  • There is one of the same type of tree as at Fourtrees at the gorge.
  • Trees can also give you moss if they're dead.
  • You can get moss from a dead tree or a fourtree, but not a log or tree stump.