Trainers are NPCs (NPC stands for "non-playable characters", for those who don't know) that allow the player to teach their cat skills or upgrade current skills.



Tune's dialogue box

Trainers will usually be in the second portion of the camp. When interacted with, the skills screen will be brought up. Your cat's current experience will be listed here, as well as all of the skills you may purchase or upgrade, along with the ranks for each skill respectively.

To activate a skill, you must press the 'active' button (which should turn green) or press the + button first (to purchase the skill if you have not already). You may choose 3 active skills which will show up at the bottom right of your screen. There are six trainers in the game, one for each of the four main clans, plus BloodClan and rogue life. There are ten skills these trainers can teach you, but only three can be active at a given time. A skill can only be upgraded until rank 10, which costs 100 experience points. This means one must have 550 experience to fully train a single skill, or 5500 points to be fully trained in all skills. It is to be noted that the 'Claws' skill level will carry over to any new games created through the bonus shop or after death.

List of Trainers

Photo Name Clan Location
Trainer Maplestripe
Trainer Maplestripe ThunderClan Found in the eastern tile of the camp.
Trainer Fairyfrost
Trainer Fairyfrost RiverClan Found in the western tile of the camp.
Trainer Oakfeather
Trainer Oakfeather ShadowClan Found in northern tile of the camp.
Trainer Scarknee
Trainer Scarknee WindClan Found on the western tile of camp, next to the leader's den.
Trainer Tune!
Trainer Tune Rogue Fourtrees, only visible if playing as rogue.
Trainer Wound
Trainer Wound BloodClan Found next to the well, out of the west entrance/exit of the inner Twolegplace.


  • All trainers were named by winners of a video contest on the forums.
  • Tune's confirmed gender is female.
  • Scarknee's statement about his former warrior status is a direct reference to Skyrim. "I used to be a warrior like you, until I took a claw to knee."