This is a list of ThunderClan cats who appear in the game. Random computer-generated cats are not to be included.

ThunderClan Cats

Here are the ThunderClan cats in rank order.


White2 Skystar (she-cat)



Preyheart (tom)

Medicine Cat

Darkorange Cloudleaf (she-cat)

Medicine Cat Apprentice

White2 Snowheart (she-cat)


Orange2 Shinefur (she-cat)


Brown2 Treekit (tom)

Darkgrey Fiercekit (Fierce) (tom)

Brown2 Bramblekit (tom)

Darkgrey Longkit (tom)

Tutorial Mentor/Recruiter

Darkgrey Greystorm (tom)

Elder/Bonus coin seller

Black2 Nightfeather

Prey Keeper

Darkgrey Frostwillow (she-cat)


Calico2 Roseheart (she-cat) 

Lavender2 Dragonsoul (tom)


  • After your cat becomes a warrior, Treekit and Fiercekit will vanish from the nursery. Treekit assumably becomes a warrior, though there is an inside joke among the playerbase that he was abducted by UFOs. It is highly speculated that Fiercekit, however, joined BloodClan, as a grey cat named Fierce can be found in BloodClan.
  • Once your cat becomes a warrior, they can no longer talk with any of the nursery kits.
  • If your cat is the medicine cat's assistant, Longkit will go missing on the fourth or fifth day of Leaf-bare found unconscious right of the ThunderClan camp. This is similar to how Gleamkit of RiverClan, Thornkit of ShadowClan and Jumpkit of WindClan go missing on the 4th-5th day of Leaf-bare . If you give him any type of herb, he will be healed and go back to camp, rewarding you with 10 reputation.
  • The guards are the contest winners who got to have their own cats placed in the game.
  • Greystorm is also the cat who trains you in Sandy Hollow during the tutorial.
  • Shinefur mentions a kit named Greykit in two of her quests, but no such kit is in the nursery.