Darkblue Please be noted this is a Real-World Article and not part of the Game

Darkblue Riverpool is an admin on the Warrior Cats Untold Tales forums and has been a fan since Version 7.


Wanting to play a warrior cats game, Riverpool searched for a warrior cats game. Riverpool found Warrior Cats Untold Tales with it's 600 page thread. Riverpool downloaded the game while it was on version seven.


Loveleaf interviewed Riverpool. This is the original Interview and no text was edited. It was only formatted.

How and when did you start playing Warrior Cats, Untold Tales?
"I found it after googling "Warrior Cats Games" and discovered that it had it's own thread at the official forums X3 I downloaded the game and have been playing it since... Um, at least Version 7 XD I forgot which version exactly though..."

What is your normal Cat pelt and name? What's your favorite pelt?
"I'm usually a dark blue cat named Riverpool. My favorite is the Blue Tabby, which I would be if I wasn't too lazy to get it XD"


How has this game affected your life? What have you worked on now that you are a fan?
"Well, of course I spend more time on the computer, so I've gotten much faster at typing. I've also met a lot of great people here, including Falconstar of course. I've worked on drawing and writing since I became a fan. Drawing for other people and writing fan-fics that is. XD"

What are your complete honest thoughts on this game?
"It's wonderful! It's improved a LOT since the beginning and it's definitely a great game for warrior cats fans."

Anything else you wish to put out there? To any of the other fans?
"I don't really know what else to say X3 I just look forward to future versions with all the other fans."


  • Riverpool's favorite pelt is the blue tabby, yet is too lazy to sometimes get it.