Clan Name: RiverClan
Territory: Rivers
Prey: Fish, mice, others
Game Bonus: Swimming
Leader: Clearstar
Deputy: Coldfur
Medicine Cat/Apprentice: Willowfur, Mousepounce

RiverClan is one of the Clans the player can unlock at the cost of two bonus coins in their leader's bonus shop. Once the player makes a new cat after unlocking it, RiverClan will be an available Clan option, and the RiverClan recruiter will appear one tile east (Right) of the camp entrance when your cat is a rogue.

Clan Info

Living in watery lands, this Clan eats and hunts mostly fish. They also eat mice and thrushes, and the occasional squirrel. RiverClan warriors have the ability to swim and hunt fish, making them the only cats who may swim and fish across water, with the exception of rogue clan mates. The two RiverClan guards, Jadepelt and Silverstone, were added to reflect some previous contest winners. RiverClan is one of the most popular Clans, possibly because swimming makes journeying easier, or because of the added bonus of a new type of prey, even though it fills you up as much as mice and frogs.

Versions 1-15

RiverClan has been changed overtime. This is a list of what's new:


The Bridge in RiverClan.

  • New territory.
  • Apprentices were added.
  • Kits were added.
  • Fish were made more visible, and had a nicer texture.
  • Apprentices could now become warriors.
  • Version 13: Rogues could sneak inside the RiverClan camp without being killed by placing stepping stones across the water and could get bonus coins, yet this was fixed quickly as it brought many glitches.
  • Guards changed to reflect contest winners.
  • Recruiter added to right side of camp.
  • If you are the medicine cat's assistant, Gleamkit might go missing on day 5 of Leaf-bare. You can find her at the Twoleg bridge. Battles will not affect the kit's health. 
  • Your cat can still make stepping stones to cross the river, but can no longer enter RiverClan Camp.
  • Mates were added to the right side of camp.

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