Owl Tree
Owl tree
What Clan Located: ThunderClan
Prey Close: Mice, thrushes, squirrels
Dangers: Enemy cats
Important Landmarks None
Important Quests: Herbs, apples

The Owl Tree is located in ThunderClan territory.


Many use this landmark as home for their rogue den, as prey is easy to find in the area that surrounds the tree. It is also fairly close to Fourtrees and the WindClan -ThunderClan battle spot. Like the Burnt Sycamore, it is a notable, yet unimportant, aspect of the game, with its prey and its usefulness as a rogue den replacing its rumored importance.


Apples and Goldenrod are very common here, making it an important spot for both medicine cat and queen quests


  • In the books, this land is prey-poor, as "even a mouse knows better than to live by an owl", although in the game it has about the same amount of prey as anywhere else during the current season. However, no owl ever spawns.
  • Moss can also be obtained from scratching the owl tree.