Name: Monster or Car
Species: None
Clan: None
Found by: Thunderpath
Rarity: Very common

Monsters (AKA cars) are only ever found on straight Thunderpath.


Cats quickly flee from monsters as of Version 11. When a monster passes through Thunderpath, cats will try to run away from it. Monsters only appear on Thunderpath, and can only drive on Thunderpath Tiles. Monsters deal massive damage if you or anything touches it and will almost always result in death if you don't have full health. They will remove 50% of your full health, which means that it will take two blows at most to die from them. Monsters can make a cat go into a wounded state as well. Monsters can be used against opponents in battle. If you can manage to get your opponent hit by a monster it might immediately put them into a wounded state, or even kill them. However, if you use monsters to deal damage to your opponent, you might end up getting hit by one yourself, seeing that you have to cross Thunderpath to lead your opponents into the monsters.

Opponents like Twolegs and Dogs can't be killed. However, if a Twoleg or a dog gets hit by a Monster, they will disappear from the tile.

Rogue cats and apprentices that are in your clan cannot be affected by the Monsters, making it easy to navigate with them around on Thunderpath. Prey can spawn on Thunderpath, and can be risky hunting for. However, if you have rogue clan cats with you, you can make them hunt for the prey without harm.

The Monsters are depicted as gray cars with yellow headlights. Every monster that you come across will always have the same model, sprite, and color. All cars while driving on Thunderpath go in the same direction. They always go down Thunderpath, and always go right unto Thunderpath. It is always advised to travel over Thunderpath from the bottom right side of Thunderpath, so you can stay farthest away from the monsters that drive through.


  • A forum user has encountered a glitch where monsters ran on a tile without the Thunderpath on it, but there are no existing screenshots as of yet.
  • Monsters will not appear on Thunderpath tiles where there is a bend in the Thunderpath, such as the area directly north of Fourtrees or the area directly north of Snakerocks.
  • If a monster runs over any item, it will disappear from the area and cannot be retrieved again.
  • Live prey will disappear when hit by a monster too.