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This is a list of known herbs in the game and where to find them. Medicine cats of the clans often ask for herbs for quests. Also, if you're a medicine cat's assistant, you can use herbs to heal yourself. Herbs make nice decorations as well.


Feverfew Feverfew is found only in WindClan territory, and is used to lower fevers.  Its flowers have a golden-yellow color, and it looks great next to a den.

Known Feverfew locations:

  • Two tiles left of Fourtrees.
  • Directly one tile below the Outlook Rock.
  • Two tiles above and one left of the WindClan camp
  • Two tiles above and one right of the WindClan camp
  • One tiles below the WindClan camp
  • Two tiles below and one square left of WindClan camp
  • One tile above WindClan camp and one right
  • Directly two tiles below WindClan camp entrance
  • In George's farm


Comfrey is used to soothe scratches and wounds. Found only in or near The Gorge, Comfrey looks similar to Feverfew but has white and pink flowers.

Known Comfrey locations:


Goldenrod Goldenrod is found around the forests of ThunderClan, and has bright yellow flowers. It can spruce up any pond or stream.

Known goldenrod locations:


Horsetail Horsetail is a dark green herb that grows in the marshes of ShadowClan. It is known to heal infections and cleanse wounds.

Known horsetail locations:



Chervil is a dark green herb that is found only in the tutorial. It doesn't make another appearance after that.



One tile left and below Shadowclan camp

Two left of fourtrees
Under rock
Two below windclam camp

One below windclan
Up up left windclan camp
One up one right
Two down one left
Two up one right windclan
One below windclan