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The map is an on-screen sketch of the game world that can be opened by clicking the map button on the interface.

About the Map

Old Map

The game's first map was made by Falcon_star, though it had very little use in the game, as it is only a basic sketch. The river, Thunderpath, cliffs, clan camps, battle spots, and land marks are shown on a light brown background. A large scale of the total game map is not included in the map, or in the game at all. The map requires very minor navigation skills, as major locations are drawn in on the map, and because this map lacks a player location marker. The map is great for people who want to explore the game, rather than find completely accurate routes to different areas.

New Map

In Version 15, the map shown in the infobox was added. It is much more detailed and with color, while retaining its vague nature. The red X's represents spots of common battle. 


  • One person, that being Deathrose, spent their time and took screenshots of all the tiles, in the fabled Version 0, and linked them. They then minimized the image and got a pleasing result: a full map of Warrior Cats: Untold Tales. Falcon_star declined the map when it was offered to be used as a replacement, saying it was too detailed.