Object Information
Object Name: Fireflies
Object Summary: Appear at night; seemingly no function.
Territory Found in: All
Appears during the night. Rarity varies.

Fireflies are only visible at night, and give off a yellow glow. They are purely cosmetic, and affect nothing of importance in the game.


Fireflies occasionally appear at night. They have no real function, and after awhile, will fly away. They are purely to add dimension and atmosphere to the game. Fireflies usually appear somewhere close to midnight and may not disappear until two in the morning, although they have been known to appear at eight (at night) and stay on screen until ten. Sometimes moving to a different area will make the fireflies disappear. Fireflies work in a similar way to the butterflies and dragonflies that appear in spring and fall.



  • Fireflies have ironically been described as "bugs", when they were first introduced into the game, and no one was aware of what they were.