Name: Fierce
Species: Cat
Clan: BloodClan
Found by: BloodClan Alley
Rarity: Always there


Fiercekit is an NPC in the beginning of the game tutorial. When speaking to him all he will say is "...Hewo." Fiercekit has no importance in the tutorial, nor do you have to speak to him in order to progress.

Later on, however, a cat similar to Fiercekit can be found in BloodClan, in an alleyway by the Kittypet Home.


Fierce is a cat found when your character becomes a kittypet. He is found in the alleyway which is where the BloodClan camp is located, and he will ask you to go kill some rats, and for each rat you kill, you will gain two leaves.

This Fierce is heavily implied to be the same Fiercekit, although it is not confirmed by the creators.


  • When talking to Fierce, he says: "Wait a minute... I think I recognize you from somewhere..", which could imply he was at one point was Fiercekit of ThunderClan. (Please note, this is NOT confirmed by the creator and could just be a coincidence or the creators did not want to create another fur color for Fierce, so they just used the same color fur as another cat in the tutorial, that being Fiercekit. )
  • Some people have speculated Fiercekit is possibly born around the same time as you;
    • Fiercekit's nest is directly across from yours.
    • Unlike Treekit, you and Fiercekit are the same size, making it possible that you two are siblings.
    • Treekit seems to be older than Fiercekit, as he can seemingly can talk without mispronouncing words unlike smaller/younger Fiercekit, further supporting the fact above.
  • Fierce says he thinks he recognizes you even if you didn't originate from ThunderClan.