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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you hunt? (Also see Hunting and Prey.)
First, press and hold the shift button - this will put your cat into hunting/sneak mode and allow you to see any nearby prey (as well as twigs!). Once you spot some prey, click it to make it your cat's target. At this stage, your cat should be careful to not accidentally step on a twig as this may scare the prey away. Walk up to the prey, but be careful - walking too close will scare the prey away. When you think your cat is close enough to the prey, release the shift button. If your cat wasn't successful, you were too far away when you released the shift key. The correct stalking distance also varies in different prey types.

Why doesn't my cat's soon-to-be-mate like him/her?
You'll need to get acquainted first. Talk to them everyday and give them at least 3 gifts; shiny things are the best. But your cat can't just give them a ton of gifts in one day and expect them to fall for them - relationship are a lengthy process that take time! Eventually, if your cat's soon-to-be-mate likes them enough, they'll ask to be their mate. You can, of course, say no if you want to. Just remember, if you give your soon-to-be-mate too many gifts, the NPC will no longer "like" your cat.

I have a mate, but how do I get a kit?
To begin, congratulations on getting a mate! To have a kit, keep giving your cat's mate gifts and talking to them. Then, go to bed every night and a kit may appear! However, this may take a while.

Does the game work on Mac and Linux computers?
Unfortunately the game runs (and only ever will run) on Windows computers.However you can get something called Bootcamp (or something like that) which lets you play WC:UT on a Mac or Linux. Another useful program to try would be WINE.There is also an experimental Mac version on the forums here.

What program was used to make this?

Game maker, which is free to download and use. Alternatively the pro version can be bought which has more features.

Who made 'Warrior Cats: Untold Tales'?
Falcon star is the owner and creator of the game. He does not, however, lay claim to the original idea by Erin Hunter, and he gives full credit to her for this.

I have a suggestion and/or want to report a glitch, where should I do this?
I like to hear your suggestions for future updates, and reports of bugs and glitches are greatly appreciated. However don’t always expect a reply, as I can’t always be online and I'm sometimes too busy with real life - please respect this. If you want to leave a suggestion,or report a glitch or bug, please just drop a quick post right here.

Does this game have viruses?
The answer is no. Many antivirus programs will warn you about the file because its an .exe, and .exes *CAN* be viruses. But this, I can assure you, is not. But don't take my word for it. Yoyo games is a professional business which uses up-to-date virus detection software and won't let you post a game on their website if it has a virus. I hope that clears things up, this game does *NOT* have viruses, nor will it ever.

How do I get off full screen?
Press F4, which will make your game windowed. On Windows 8 computers (or others that use F4 for other things), pressing Alt+F4 or Ctrl+F4 will do the same.

Is there a map?
If you are lost in the game map, try looking at the original warrior cats map:
The map layout in the game was made using references from the maps in the books, so those maps are pretty accurate if you want to use those to navigate in-game. There is also an in game map which can be accessed by clicking on the map icon in the top right hand side of the screen, although it doesn't show the map tile-by-tile. There is, however, a tile-by-tile map (although downsized) on the forums here.

How do I save my progress and exit?
To save your progress, your cat must talk with their clan leader, if your cat is a Clan cat. They are usually near the entrance of your clan's camp. Talk with them and there will be an option to save your progress.
However,if your cat is a rogue,simply go to their den and press 'Save' in the upper right hand corner.
To exit, press ESC at any time. But be warned: If you exit without saving, your progress will be lost. Also, if you press ESC it will bring up a menu that will pause the game.

Can I become the Leader, Deputy, or Medicine cat?

Unfortunately, no. Your cat can become the deputy or the medicine cat's assistant, though, by completing a certain number of quests for the deputy/Medicine cat and pay fifty reputation.

How do I get a mate?

See "mates", but in the Clans, all you have to do is give gifts to a cat (who gives you the option to give gifts when you talk). Eventually they will ask if you will be their mate and you can get a kit. (see "kits" above) To get a mate as a rogue, put four moss near a thicket (see "rogues") and put two prey (not mice or frogs) and a shiny thing on top. Then, save before you sleep, and one morning, a rogue will spawn! If the rogue is not what you were looking for, you must exit and take off from the saved part, as you cannot change him/her. If you like the mate, take the prey from under them and mate with them the same as a Clan cat. You cannot change their name or pelt, and the kit will have your mate's pelt.

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