Experience can be accumulated and exchanged for skills at the trainers. However, you do keep your skills. There are a couple of different ways of getting enough experience points to get what you want. Such as:

  • Hunting (1 Exp. gained per prey caught)
  • Sleeping (You get 2 to 10)
  • Fighting (Exp. gain varies on what type of cats you defeat, but none is gained for killing)
  • Gatherings (Free 10 experience for showing up)
  • Moonstone (StarClan gifts your cat with experience)


All skills start at the cost of 10 experience points. A skill can only be learned up to to rank ten, meaning that 550 experience points are need to fully learn a skill, while to fully learn all skills need 5500 points.

  • Claw Claws A basic attack. Hurts enemy cats. Higher rank: Increasingly lethal claws.
  • Holdyourground Hold Your Ground This skill allows you to specify an area for your ally cats to stay near. It also provides a defensive aura which decreases incoming damage and cures all bleeds. Higher rank: Tighter control and lower cooldowns.
  • Herblore Herblore Using the art of herbal knowledge, you are able to heal all allies near you. Higher rank: More healing and lower cooldowns.
  • Killingbite Killing Bite Considered dishonorable by most cats. This dirty tactic will instantly kill your opponent. Higher rank: Lower cooldowns.
  • Intimidatingglare Intimidating Glare You can unnerve an opponent with a sharp glare. This takes some of their health and gives it to you. Higher rank: Higher health steals and shorter cooldowns.
  • Trackprey Track Prey You sniff the air for scents left behind by small creatures. This skill instantly reveals all hiding prey in the area. It also reveals any hidden foes. Higher rank: Lower cooldowns.
  • Charge Charge Launch yourself into the battle in a frenzy so powerful that you become temporarily invincible! Higher rank: Increases invincibility duration.
  • Roarofthelion Roar of the Lion Make your enemies quake in fear with this powerful ancient roar! Causes your foes to run away in terror for a few moments. Higher rank: Lower cooldowns.
  • Feralslash Feral Slash A deep-cutting attack that will leave your enemies bleeding. All nearby enemies will be given a damage over time effect. Higher rank: Increases the amount of damage inflicted over time.
  • Sprint Sprint Temporarily increases movement speed. Higher rank: Speed effect will last longer.