Name: Dog
Species: Golden Retreiver
Clan: None
Found by: Snakerocks, Thunderpath, WindClan territory
Rarity: Rare

Dogs are more common than Twolegs, but not as common as Ember, the resident kittypet. They are fairly elusive and may take players by surprise. They can be found near the SnakerocksThunderpath, ThunderClan territory, and on WindClan territory. They can also (rarely) be found on other clan territories.

Dog Information

A dog may appear on any screen with a segment of the Thunderpath on it and in other areas such as Snakerocks, ThunderClan territory, and WindClan territory.

Usually, the dog will ignore any NPC enemy clan cats and head straight towards the player, while NPC warriors tend to run away from it. NPC warriors, however, cannot die from the dog.

If the dog gets close to you, your cat's health will start to drain away. Once your cat moves out of the dog's range, their health will stop draining. If the dog manages to drain their health away completely, your cat will die.

It is useless to try to scratch a dog with your claws, as it can't be killed that way. There is only one way to "kill" a dog: If you are on a Thunderpath screen, try to lure the dog onto the
MossClan First Dog Trouble

Trying to lure a dog onto the Thunderpath.

road. If the dog is hit by a car, it will instantly disappear, as of v15. If you can't do this, or just don't want to risk your own safety, your cat should escape from the dog by fleeing into a different tile, which causes the dog to despawn. The player can then return to the previous tile safely.

A glitch where a dog spawned one tile above the Thunderpath.


  • Dogs are more common than Twolegs.
  • Only one type of dog will ever appear, a Golden Retriever.
  • Dogs are (almost) invincible; the only way to kill (in nicer words, get rid of) them is tricking them into being run over by a monster on the Thunderpath.
  • It was thought that dogs were easier to find than Ember. However, this is not entirely true. If the player rarely goes by the Thunderpath and Snakerocks, they won't find dogs easily. A small survey was conducted, and most of the players reported seeing Ember more often.
  • Dogs will generally only attack the player, and no other cats on the screen (if any).
  • Dogs will not chase the player's apprentice, and the apprentice will act as if the dog isn't there; it will continue to follow the player as per usual. However, if the player allows their apprentice to stay in front of the dog too long, the apprentice's health will drain until it dies.
  • Rarely, when the player "kills" a dog, it will keep on spawning again and again. Any NPC enemy cats present in the tile will remain as well and continue to flee. The only solution to this is leaving the tile.
  • Dogs are actually slightly slower than the player, meaning that as long as the player quickly runs out of the tile, they will remain unharmed.