Brambles and Thickets
Object Information
Object Name: Brambles and Thickets
Object Summary: While a rogue, you can search for brambles. If you find three brambles, they will make a thicket that acts as a solid barrier.
Territory Found in: Any

Brambles can only be found as a rogue, making it one of the most unique items in the game. Brambles are turned into thickets when you pick up three brambles in one inventory slot.


Brambles can be found on the ground only if you are a rogue. They look like this Brambles . Like any other item, when standing over it, press enter to pick it up. You can hold only two brambles at a time, as carrying a third instantly makes it a thicket.


After gathering three brambles, you now have a thicket. It will look like this Thicket. As it being a different item, you may not pick up another bramble. A thicket must be dropped at the same square of land as your den, otherwise that option will be invalid. Once you put down a thicket, you can't pick it up again. If you wish to pick up the thicket, press the spacebar to claw at it. What will be left will be two brambles. You only need to claw thickets one time.

Thickets keep out Clan cats and other enemies, and can be used to make camp walls.


  • If you stick a bramble in the middle of a Thunderpath, the monster will only run over it unharmed.
  • If a monster goes over a bramble or a thicket, the bramble or thicket will disappear.
  • If you place a thicket while playing as a rogue cat, it will still be visible if you play as a clan cat on that same save file. However, if you try destroying a thicket as a clan cat, it will just disappear, yielding no brambles. If you play as a rogue again on that same file, the brambles will be visible in the spot the thicket was destroyed.
  • If other cats walk onto a bramble, it will disappear.