Assistant are titles you can attain in your clan. These jobs have special perks, such as healing and summoning other cats.

Medicine Cat's Assistant

Becoming a Medicine Cat's Assistant


The medicine cat assistant's sign.

Generally, it is useful to become a Medicine Cat Assistant before becoming the Deputy's Assistant so you can heal yourself after every battle patrol. The Medicine Cat's Assistant title can be earned by completing thirty medicine cat quests, given by the clan medicine cat apprentice.

Once you have completed thirty quests and paid 50 reputation, you gain the Medicine Cat's Assistant title. This job will allow you to heal yourself with any herb you may have in your inventory. There is no cooldown period for this skill, but the herb you used disappears from your inventory after healing.

Finding Longkit

After you've became a medicine cat's assistant, Longkit will go missing on the 3-5th day of Leaf-bare and Bramblekit will ask you to find him. Longkit will be curled up in a ball by the Great Sycamore, and you need herbs to heal him. If you do not get there by 2:00 am, Longkit will be dead. (see Missing Kits for more information)

However, if said kit dies, it does not affect anything, nor if you do save the kit. 

Deputy's Assistant


The deputy assistant sign.

In order to become the Deputy's Assistant, you must take on a battle quest from your clan deputy. It is useful to already be the Medicine Cat's Assistant so you do not have to spend multiple reputation points healing yourself.

Once you have completed ten of these and paid 50 reputation, you will earn the title "Deputy's Assistant". This title allows you to summon a patrol anywhere you wish.

Unlike rogue patrols, the cats will not follow you and instead will move randomly around the map. If summoned during an attack, the cats will attack the enemy cats. The cooldown takes nearly two minutes to refresh.

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  • Falconstar had the idea of you being able to be the Leader's assistant, but he decided against it.
  • There was a glitch that if you summoned a patrol in Mothermouth by the Moonstone, you could not escape.